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it’s not that hard to get
a website anymore.

Sucheta Mandal


Fortunately, it has been a very long time since I needed any assistance with my sites. I am now in my fourth year with PlutoDNS. When I did, though, support was given in a timely and efficient manner. On my WordPress sites, the suite of optimised plugins are especially helpful in maintaining its benefits.

Aakriti Mittal


I have done live chat multiple times in the past few days, and have been so pleased with the service. Website management is a bit more than I imagined, but what I love about PlutoDNS is that someone is always at the ready to help me.

Swapil Chandorkar

Individual Content Writer

With my WordPress installation, I ran into a strange, uncommon issue. On Friday night, the start of the weekend, I sent a support request, and within an hour, I had not just a response but also a remedy! SUPERB SERVICE. Five stars, without a doubt. I'm grateful.